Vertical mastic asphalt mixers

GTK 26 S Duo

  • on semitrailer for 3-axle pullingtruck
  • capacity up to 28 to
  • height only 3,4 m

GTK 15-16 S

  • Roll system "Atlas"

GTK 14 S

  • Pay load approx. 14 t without being overloaded (without trailer)
  • Mastic asphalt mixer, series GTK S including innovation package
  • Lower energy consumption (gas/oil) due to granulate insulation instead of rock wool
  • 980 kg less empty weight for the boiler due to modification of construction and other steel qualities - higher pay load
  • Saftey in respect of maintenance work due to another chain cover and a new suspension of the hydraulic motor
  • Alarm systems and data storage for asphalt temperature and hydraulic pressure, radio transmission and via mobile telephone

GTK 12-13 S

  • Gas heating with heated gas bottle box

GTK-02-A 12 S

  • on turn table trailer with aluminium mudguards

GTK-Z 12 S

  • Air suspension, disk brake, oil heating


  • on central axle trailer, air suspension

Mixer with tailer for smaller repair jobs

  • now also a capacity until 6 t
  • GTK 4 S, GTK 5 S, GTK 6 S narrow
  • No quality loss in the product due to overheated bitumen by a new construction of boiler
  • Loading of only small quantities possible for smaller sites up to 1.000 kg
    • Everything available on one trailer
    • 2 boxes for chipping
    • Wheel barrow
    • Melting mixer for joint material with storage for block material
    • Electric pump with tank for separating agent
    • Trucks of 7,5 are sufficient for these trailers


  • with wheel barrow


  • on truck Renault
  • Oil heating

Swap-body platform on central axle trailer, air suspension

  • Repair equipment for pot-hole repair GTK 4 S with joint melting mixer VK 100 S
  • Total admissible load 12 t
  • Air suspension, adjustable in height
  • Axle-centre distance smaller 1000 mm
  • Radio transmission of the mastic asphalt temperature
  • Radio transmission of the hydraulic oil pressure
  • Swap-body platform mixer
  • GTK 4 S (capacity 4 - 5 t)
  • VK 50 - melting boiler for joint material, capacity 50 l
  • 2 x storage box for chipping, each capacity of 200 kg
  • Swap-body platform loaded and parked on site


  • Capacity of 4 t, standard

GTK 2,0 S

  • Special mixer with double bottom (indirect heating) capacity 900 l

GTK-Z 2,0 S with VK 100 S

  • Repair equipment for pot-hole repair GTK 4 S with joint melting mixer VK 100 S
  • Storage box for chippings and storage box for joint material
  • Total admissible load 6.000 kg
  • Empty weight 2.950 kg
  • Filling hopper for charging the mixer under the mixing plant

GTK 01A 1,5 S

  • with filling hopper

GTK 1,2 S

  • Melting mixer with diesel engine
  • Electrical start
  • Automatic survey of temperature
  • Capacity 540 l
  • Hydraulically operated supporting legs

GTK 1,0 ST

  • mounted on trailer with ball coupling
  • Empty weight 1t
  • Total admissible load 2t