Extra equipment for gussasphalt mixers

High wear resistant paddle

  • For gussasphalt mixers

Different types of stirrer paddles

  • 1 = Lower stirrer paddle reinforced
  • 2 = Lower and upper stirrer paddles reinforced
  • 3 = Special steel
  • 4 = Standard equipment

Side outlet

  • For gussasphalt mixer

Sliding ring sealing latest version

  • Wear and tear checking device
  • For horizontal gussasphalt mixers

Diesel engine exhaust flexible hose

  • Diesel engine exhaust pipe stainless steel directed to the top

Variable outlet chute

  • With emergency stop

Drive unit

  • With oil heating

Side outlet

  • Mechanical operation (open)

Small outlet for liquid products

  • For GTK 12-16 170 mm

Storage box for buckets

  • with cover truck with driven axle

Panoramic light

  • Mixer from backside

Data logging

  • Hydraulic oil pressure and Temperature

Handrail on mixer's cover

  • fold-away

Gas bottle box

  • heated

Aluminium box

  • With side doors, cover and deviding wall

Heated gas bottle box

  • Refittable